Terms & Conditions

Our terms are very simple:

1.  Each order must be paid in full, usually by credit card, before the order will be shipped.

2.  The order must be ready to be returned the Tuesday following the event.   Return labels will be sent with your order.  Simply place the items back in their containers, affix the return label, and contact UPS to schedule a pickup.  The charges will be sent to us. If the chair covers are not returned to us, you will be charged the current price of any items sent to you.

3.  Damage to Products.  We understand that damage occurs as a part of life.  A stain or hole in one

chair cover is part of the business.  However, If the order is returned with more than a 10% damage

rate, you will be charged going retail rates as we have to replace those items.

For more information see FAQs.