Types of Chair Bands

Whatever your color, we probably have it.  We have hundreds of chair bands available, in both standard and premium, slim and wide for you to to choose from and a diamond rhinestone buckle on the back adds the finishing touch.

Our premium glitzy bands will dazzle up any room.  They are available in a variety of colors and are wide and dazzling.  Please note, however, that they will not work on straight stack chairs that start at narrow at the top and get wider at the bottom.  These are wide bands and are available for only banquet chairs.  Also, rhinestone blings/buckles are not permitted to be used with these bands.

Want glamour but not quite so much glitz?  Our premium sequined bands are perfect for you.  They still add sparkle to any room but are more toned down than the glitzy bands.  They also come in a variety of colors.  And also, these will not work on stack chairs nor do they come with a bling.

Our embossed premium bands add a subtle pattern to your chair cover.  No need for a bling - you wouldn't want to take away from the embossed pattern.

Our premium lace bands will take you back to yesteryear.  Extremely dainty butt too dainty to handle blings.

No bling needed with these attractive premium chair bands