How we Got Started?

We started in the chair cover business about 10 years ago using traditional chair covers with hand tied sashes when the going price for chair covers was about $6 a chair - which we thought was absolutely ridiculous. We serviced the western half of Iowa and the eastern half of Nebraska.  We loved the industry but I was never satisfied with the chair covers.  It seemed like no matter how much you ironed them or how you transported them - they were just meant to wrinkle.  My husband tried to assure me that it was my imagination, and I never received one complaint but as a perfectionist, I wasn't satisfied.  And then it was almost heartbreaking to back later that night or the next day to find the room and  your chair covers looking like a hurricane had swept over them when you had put that much work into them.  So when they manufacturers came out with the no-wrinkle scuba chair covers we immediately added them to our inventory only to find that they really weren't wrinkle free and they still looked like a hurricane had hit them by the end of the evening.

Then one day we were setting up a wedding as was another company in the big ballroom next to us.  When I looked in it took my breath away.  The company was using spandex chair covers and it was gorgeous.  So when we lost a good part of our inventory due to a flood, I immediately decided to carry only spandex chair covers.  They are more elegant that those "baggy-saggy" chair covers, they are more durable, they truly are wrinkle free so they can be shipped anywhere, and they look as good at the end of the night as they did at the beginning.  Since that time we have become one of the largest spandex dealers in the country.  We have a huge selection of products from traditional to modern that you won't find anywhere else, we have one of the largest color selections, and our standard chair cover package rents for $1.50 per chair................a price you will find hard to beat.  Since we started this, we've had a 4 year love affair with these chair covers and so has our clients.

We treat every bride as if she were our own daughter and our business philosophy is very simple:  we offer the best products, at the best prices, with the best customer service............period.